We at FonRedess are aware that we need a different type of economy that connects freedom and equality from a caring and fair perspective.

We need to close the gap between what we are doing at present, an economy at the hands of those who think more about money than about life; and what we should be doing, what each one of us knows deep inside that is the right thing to do.

We believe that a different economy is possible. An economy defined in terms of "sustainability of life" and the well-being of people and society as a whole, as a global and interconnected system.



FonRedess is a fund for the support and accompaniment of social entrepreneurship projects. We provide interest free reimbursable grants to social intrapreneurship initiatives.

We channel economic resources that generate a social impact and transform the territory through small projects led by great people.

These monetary and reimbursable grants can go up to €6000 maximum per project and €5000 for each job created. The total grant cannot exceed €10,000.

The grants are interest-free and repayable over a period of 3 years, with a 6-month grace period and the only increase is the CPI.

Own funds

75.451,91 €

Reimbursable grants

109.306,46 €

Third-party funds

6.000,00 €

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FonRedess Projects

FonRedess está presente en 28 proyectos de emprendimiento de economía social y solidaria, concediendo unas Ayudas Reintegrables por valor de 109.306,46 €, efectuando labores de acompañamiento en dichos proyectos.

FonRedess People

Javier Moreno
valle   casado
Oscar moreno
salvador pérez

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