Application for reimbursable aid


- That the project presented is within the values of social economy pursued by FonRedess.

- Presentation of a business plan describing in detail the idea of the project and including a financial plan.

- Presentation of a Social Guarantee.

- Completion and presentation of the documents prepared by FonRedess for the monitoring of the project.

- To authorize FonRedess to publish the grants awarded to the projects in case they are approved and to collaborate in their dissemination.

General conditions

- Applications will be considered up to a maximum of €6,000 per project and €5,000 per job created, not exceeding a total of €10,000 in aid.

- 6 months grace period for repayment.

- Interest-free repayment, except for CPI adjustments.

- 3-year maximum term for repayment of aid. by digital media and social networks.

Documentation to be submitted

- Completed application form.

- Letter of motivation of the project.

- Business plan with economic viability report.

- Social endorsement signed by person or entity partner of FonRedess.

- Photocopy of ID card / Fiscal ID of the applicant.

- Statutes if you are an organization.

* FonRedess may request additional documentation and joint social guarantees during the application evaluation process.


reimbursable aid
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